Reflections on the Required Materials.

I’m doing these all together just because I’m doing them all at once and don’t want to spam my blog with posts.


I was initially concerned about the radio aspect of the class, as I wasn’t sure how it could be pulled off. After listening to scottlo’s podcast, my excitement certainly amped up. I really feel like it’s a positive thing to incorporate all these different facets of internet life, because they are increasingly becoming a normative part of everyone’s life.

On that note, I was intrigued by Gardner Campbell’s idea to integrate blogs and the internet (although the latter has already been done to a large degree) into early education, especially since the children in school now will be raised and eventually live on their own in a world where social media is beginning to outweigh social interaction. I think that it’s definitely important that they learn to use the knowledge and technology that they are equipped with responsibly, and also how to respect themselves online, as ones social persona can very easily affect them IRL. It was also very interesting to here him talk about how cyber infrastructure has influenced the technology in schools movement and allowed it to flourish.

I felt that Wesch’s ideas were along the same lines. He seems to understand that every person is different, even right down to their learning technique. I liked what he said about school being a competition- children compete with each other for 13 years, and many of the challenges are tailored for a specific kind of learning style. The internet has the ability to touch so many lives and teach people in so many different ways. It’s already started a learning initiative of its own- more and more people are reading and learning things online, things that actually interest them in the spare time. It would be awesome if this could somehow be integrated into the learning community. I feel like it would make it easier for everyone to learn how they feel is appropriate for them. What’s more empowering than taking initiative and learning what you want during your education. Better yet, the web allows for our learning experience to last as long as we want it to- it doesn’t have to end at graduation.