Evolution of Wesley Crusher

For this assignment, I wanted to show case the growth of Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation (portrayed by Wil Wheaton) as he is really the only person who ages in the show and Patrick Stewart has looked the same for 30 years.


He’s a vampire.

Anyway, to document the physical changes of the character, I had to look through a couple hours of footage on YouTube and Google. There were 86 episodes featuring Wesley’s character, and I went through about half of them. After that, I uploaded them all into Mpeg Streamline and edited the clips I wanted to use. Then I had to find a way to edit and reorder the video because for some reason nothing I numbered came up in the program correctly. I found the theme song on YouTube and edited it to loop with the video on audacity. After about 6 hours, I was finally done. Here is my finished project:

The assignment is listed as 4.5, but I’m going to argue for 5 as I spent an entire day on this. And I cursed several times.