Ever notice how every baby goes through a stage where they look like Winston Churchill? Or maybe Winston Churchill just looked like a mean, fat, baby.


winstonThis is my great-nephew. Super cool dude. He is passing through this stage with grace.

I had a blog once….

A friend mentioned to me today that they had recently started blogging. They went on about how much fun they were having, and what a great experience it is to have a voice online.

This sparked something in the back of my brain. I thought to myself, “Oh yeah…I had a blog once.” I realized I had originally stopped just because my required time with Digital Storytelling was over and I thought I would take a break from my online persona. When it crossed my mind months later, I wasn’t able to login and could find no trace of my page so I just shrugged it off and went on with my life.

And that’s when I realized! My life has been so boring! And DS106 was so much fun! Aside from school, the only thing I really do with my spare time is watch documentaries concerning the history of the British monarchy (no shame). After some intense research (I typed ‘word press’ into the search bar of my e-mail) I was able to find my info again and discovered that everything is how I left it.

So, during my free time this semester (of which there will be very little) I’m going to dip my toe back into the DS106 pond. Hopefully it comes back to me quickly.


Assignment Summary Mashup….or something like that.

For this assignment, I thought it would be fun to make a video collage of some of the projects I had the most fun doing. I felt kinda nostalgic looking over everything and seeing how much work I did for this class. It’ll be nice to enjoy the rest of the summer, but I’ll miss doing these types of assignments.

To make this, I first uploaded all the images, clips, and sounds to VideoPad editor. I used MPEG Streamline to cut down some of my video assignments, as I didn’t really want this video to be 30 minutes long. I ran some of my audio assignments as the music while all the images, gifs, and videos are displayed on screen. I went into this thinking it would be an easy 5 stars, but I was sorely mistaken. Took a lot of time to get everything synced up and exactly how I wanted. Even then, it’s not perfect. I tried for two hours to make the text “Videos Incoming” stay on screen but no matter what I did it wouldn’t change in size and I somehow couldn’t edit it out in VideoPad or the YouTube editor. So I finally just decided to deal with it. Besides that, I really like the flow of this video, and I did attempt to sync up the music. Here is the final product:


5 stars

Evolution of Wesley Crusher

For this assignment, I wanted to show case the growth of Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation (portrayed by Wil Wheaton) as he is really the only person who ages in the show and Patrick Stewart has looked the same for 30 years.


He’s a vampire.

Anyway, to document the physical changes of the character, I had to look through a couple hours of footage on YouTube and Google. There were 86 episodes featuring Wesley’s character, and I went through about half of them. After that, I uploaded them all into Mpeg Streamline and edited the clips I wanted to use. Then I had to find a way to edit and reorder the video because for some reason nothing I numbered came up in the program correctly. I found the theme song on YouTube and edited it to loop with the video on audacity. After about 6 hours, I was finally done. Here is my finished project:

The assignment is listed as 4.5, but I’m going to argue for 5 as I spent an entire day on this. And I cursed several times.