Sound Story (Midnight Sun)

For this assignment, I want to try and tackle a sound story. I have learned A LOT about audacity this week. I stalled for the first 3 days just trying to be able to figure out how to load music anything into the program at all- but I think as the week is wrapping up I can safely say I learned a skill or two.

Here is my sound story:

You can first hear the sound is a crushing water bottle, and over that, you can hear continued sizzling. I included all the footsteps and door squeaks as a way to symbolize all the coming and going of the people in the story. Finally, in the end, the can hear wind blow and teeth chattering, suggesting that the heat was all but a dream….

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4 stars

“Night Cheese” Mash-Up

For those of you that haven’t watched 30 Rock, there is a particular clip that I always found to be really funny….and then I threw it in with Bob Seger. This was the easiest audio assignment I’ve done yet, as I had to reuse mostly the same 5 seconds and put it in the correct order over and over again. It was pretty time consuming to go in and find every instance I wanted to replace, but eventually I did it! So here is my Bob Seger/ Tina Fey Music Mash-Up.

I hope you guys like it!

EDIT: OK, so I’m not so proud of this, but I think it taught me a little more of creative commons. I had to put a minute of silence upfront so SoundCloud would stop deleting the song :(  I also had to name the file “Cheese”.

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3.5 Stars

Twilight Zone Dialogue Mash-Up

This is my dialogue mash-up of “Time Enough at Last” and a clip from “The Venture Brothers”.

Using MPEG Streamline and Audacity, I was able to cut bits and pieces of the dialogues apart and paste them together in ways that might be humorous.

I’m still finding it difficult to chop bits up using Audacity, but a friend of mine showed me how to utilize a couple of options, most importantly “Find Zero Crossings”. From what I understand, it helps you to cut out exactly at the end of your dialogue, rather than carrying on with insignificant “blips”. So, I tried to use that to the best of my ability, and while it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done, it wasn’t all that bad. I feel like I’m learning to DJ or something.

Here is the clip from “Time Enough at Last” and here is the clip from “The Venture Brothers”

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4.5 Stars


The Sounds of A City


This is most definitely the hardest assignment I’ve done yet. I guess I’m just not a very good “mixer” but I’ve seriously started working on this last night. I used Audacity, and had a lot of trouble finding a tutorial that I could sit through, so even I just gave up and dived in.

I wanted to replicate the sound scape of a city, and all of it’s crazy undertones. After I was able to find all the sounds I need using Sound Bible, I was well on my way to making a sound scape- or so I thought. As I kept working on it, it either sounded too quiet or too ear splittingly loud. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find any street music, so that’s why you hear a street chanting of Hare Krishna is the beginning. Cities are all about diversity…right? Anyway, I hope it reminds you guys of the city, whether it’s a good thing or not.

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4.5 Stars