Tornado Gifs

I opted to switch out a Design Assignment for this Animated GIF Assignment that can be found here.

I’ve always had a slight obsession with tornadoes and in a strange way, I look forward to tornado season every year because I know that it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence for people to catch awesome footage on their devices.

The clips that I made these gifts from were all taped during the recent outbreaks in Kansas and Oklahoma. It’s amazing how close people will get to the camera just for a shot.




I guess I didn’t realize they would be perfect for this assignment, they are forever rotating, kinda scary, huh?

4.5 Stars

Break it down, little man.

For the twilight zone assignment, I decided to make an animated gif of the tiny evil alien robot. After watching “The Invaders”  I was pretty set on bringing that creepy little guy to life on my blog.

I implemented the same method that I used for my Petty gif, (that I learned from this awesome tutorial) and it’s really amazingly simple. GIMP is an awesome, awesome tool and in some ways, I like it better than Photoshop.