Weekly Summary 4

For the second half of the week, we were to complete 15 stars worth of video assigments. I feel like I say this every week, but I had the most trouble with this one! The best thing I learned out of all of it was definitely the YouTube Editor. So simple and easy to use!

Here are my assignments from the week:




Each being 5 =15

Daily Creates


The Daily Create not listed here was a writing assignment. The other Daily Create I attempted took me way too long and I ended being too late to post it. I’m still going to finish it and post it here, because it was more pixel art and I worked my friggin butt off!

This was a really learning intensive week, and because of that, I forgot to do things like keep track of my comments I left. All I can really say in the end is that I worked my fanny off to get these assignments done, and I’m actually pretty proud of my work. Sad and excited for the last week of DS106, can’t wait to see what I learn!

Vintage PSA

For this assignment, I decided to take a modern issue (GMO Wheat) and tried to make it feel vintage and a little corny. For this, I used Mpeg Streamclip to cut up the clips and put them together how I wanted them. Then I uploaded them to YouTube and added effects with the YouTube editor. YouTube Editor makes it really easy to ass certain effects (like black and white video) and then just publish it online. Fun new tool.

Here are the final results:

These are the resources I used:







5 stars

Exploring “Night Call”

It actually wasn’t too difficult to find a little bit of information of the Twilight Zone episode “Night Call”. This isn’t too surprising as this series originally aired during a very turbulent time in history and in itself was ground breaking.

“Night Call” was set to air on November 22nd, 1963, but was interrupted by the unexpected death of John F. Kennedy. Coincidentally, the British television show “Dr. Who” was set to make its series premiere the next night, but was also interrupted by news casts for about a minute and a half due to coverage of the story.

This episode was based directly on a well known urban legend. The premise of this story was that an elderly woman was found dead with a phone in her hand. On the other end was only a busy signal. Later, it was discovered that inside her husband’s crypt was a phone laying off the hook. Many also accredit the story line to Richard Matheson’s “Sorry, Right Number”

It would be difficult to label this episode with a genre in particularity, mostly because I feel as if the entire series could fall under the Sci-Fi/Horror category.

As filmsite.org states, “Horror are unsettling films designed to frighten and panic, cause dread and alarm, and to invoke our hidden worst fears, often in a terrifying, shocking finale, while captivating and entertaining us at the same time in a cathartic experience.” This can definitely be agreed upon for this episode in particular. What is more frightening and dreadful than a life long guilt come back to haunt you? Ms. Elva Keene was faced with her worst fear, one she had suppressed for decades. Even if it was visually terrifying or brutal as some horror movies are, she was faced all over again with the loss of a man she loved and the part she played in his death. It also plays into some of our fears of a purgatory. And while this story may not delve into mutant monsters or creatures from outer space, it does, as filmsite defines Sci-Fi,  “expresses the potential of technology to destroy humankind”. Noting that this story originated from a 1930’s urban legend, it’s safe to say that the recent rise of communications technology probably attributed a thing or two to the story at hand. Many were curious at the time how the seemingly ever expanding technology would affect their lives, and their were many fears associated with it. The same could ring true today.

Using Mpeg Streamclip, I pasted edit a certain scene in the episode to highlight the angle at which Elva is shown, always in the same place, almost always viewed from a left angle. The scene also becomes emotionally charged quickly, so I feel as if that also adds to my point

Over all, I think this episode is a great example of deriving meaning through methods of film.

Weekly Summary #3

Radio Show Reflection:

This week was by far the busiest of them all. It was difficult to divide tasks between group members and pick a clear direction. I think our strong points definitely came whenever to discuss our ideas. It was hard to write something after I hadn’t for so long, so I’m afraid that part may have not come out to well. I did learn the process it takes to record something like a radio show. It’s very much easier when you work in a group where a few people have different ideas. It’s so much easier to build off of stories and plot lines when there are others contributing. Another upside to working with other people is that as a group you gain many more skills. Different people can always contribute different things to a project. On the home front, I had a lot of fun recording my commercials with my friends. A good friend of mine spent the weekend helping me record with a sock covered telephone that he had jerry-rigged to a guitar cord into an amp. Or something like that. There were a lot of wires. It was interesting to see the difference between Audacity and the recording system used on Macs, which I recorded them on. I mixed them all in Audacity after wards and added all the sound effects I wanted to. My favorite commercial was this one, that my boyfriend lent his voice to:

And this is our final product:

Audio Assignments:

This week, I took up the opportunity to further edit some of my recordings from last week.

Original Assignment Here


4.5 stars

Link to Original Assignment


3.5 Stars

Link to Original Assignment


4 stars

Daily Creates:




In the hot city


There is no one to love you


Only the Sun can.





There were more, but I forgot to save them in a document.


Time Remix

Last week, I attempted to mash up The Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough At Last” and The Venture Brothers here. This time around, I decided to mix it up a bit and make it a little more fun. I was originally going to include a remix of an adventure time song, but instead I used the soundtrack from this guys video. The only thing I really knew to do was repetition, other than that I fooled around with the bass a little bit. This was all done using Audacity. I like this one a little more than the other, too.

Original Assignment Here

4.5 stars

Edit of Song Mash-Up

So, I previously endeavored a mash-up of Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” with Tina Fey’s parody of “Night Cheese” (Go watch 30 Rock, now). I originally wanted the entire song to be involved in the process but realized after that it was only a certain clip that I wanted to used. Instead of pasting the clip of “Night Cheese” over “Night Moves” like I did previously, I instead layered the two together, and then softened the volume of the song at certain points. So here is my shortened edit, sans a minute of silence. I like this one a lot better personally.

Edit of Sound Story

This week, due to the pressure of the radio show, I decided I would attempt to edit my previous assignments. First, I wanted to make my sound story more…rich, I guess? I didn’t necessarily want to make it longer, just tell a bigger story in the time I gave it. I tried to add a few more sounds, to give the story a bit more dialogue, then I “reversed echoed” my audio, then I play the clip at a different sample rate, to make it a bit slower and menacing.

Here is the original assignment I did

4 stars

Link To Assignment Page

Reading Poster Assignment

For this assignment, I made a reading poster. Although Mr. Beemis had already been used as the main example, I found this picture of him looking so cute and excited and decided I could pass it up.

Now, this assignment was a *little* too easy for 3 stars, so I ended up trying to colorize my picture a bit (it’s a skill I’m still working on).

Anyway, the poster really says it all. Reading is fun! Go do it! And if you’re the only person left on the planter for the love of Pete don’t break your only pair of glasses. Or get eye surgery. I don’t know. He had options.

readingposter copy

Link to Original Assignment

3 Stars