Ever notice how every baby goes through a stage where they look like Winston Churchill? Or maybe Winston Churchill just looked like a mean, fat, baby.


winstonThis is my great-nephew. Super cool dude. He is passing through this stage with grace.

I had a blog once….

A friend mentioned to me today that they had recently started blogging. They went on about how much fun they were having, and what a great experience it is to have a voice online.

This sparked something in the back of my brain. I thought to myself, “Oh yeah…I had a blog once.” I realized I had originally stopped just because my required time with Digital Storytelling was over and I thought I would take a break from my online persona. When it crossed my mind months later, I wasn’t able to login and could find no trace of my page so I just shrugged it off and went on with my life.

And that’s when I realized! My life has been so boring! And DS106 was so much fun! Aside from school, the only thing I really do with my spare time is watch documentaries concerning the history of the British monarchy (no shame). After some intense research (I typed ‘word press’ into the search bar of my e-mail) I was able to find my info again and discovered that everything is how I left it.

So, during my free time this semester (of which there will be very little) I’m going to dip my toe back into the DS106 pond. Hopefully it comes back to me quickly.


Weekly Summary 1/2

Look, Listen, Analyze


Exploring the Episodes Even More




Genres of Youtube




Daily Creates


I’ve learned quite a bit about the technique of film and video so far this week. At times, it was a bit complicated, and I felt like I was back in English Class, but I’m glad I stuck with t because I’ve already learned a lot. Finally figured out how to paste two clips together in MPEG streamline, as well as how to embed a Youtube video on my blog. Well, sort of. Having some technical difficulties with that. I feel as if I’m ready to delve into the video assignments head first. And I have to, otherwise I can’t see my Dad on Sunday. But I’m sure everyone’s in the same boat.

Planned Video Assignments

One assignment that really caught my eye was The Vintage Educational Video. I think these things always have a lot of potential and I love their corny voices. I’m going to use the current controversy of Genetically Modified Wheat as my topic. I have a few materials, many of them are just ideas that I hope to accomplish in Photoshop with the use of layers. But I’m definitely going to use this clip:


And a couple parts of this one, along with a couple other PSA’s from times long gone.


I’m going to be using Mpeg for both of my video assignments, but like I said above, I may try to render some images and try to throw them into the video.

For my second assignment, I want to do Return to the Silent Era

The trailer I’m going to use is from Hercules (1997) it a little older at this point, but I think it would be an easy one to turn into black and white rag time drama. It’s a little silly, but I’ll probably change the sound effects completely and put a song over it.

This is the trailer I plan to use:


I feel better just making this post and writing out my plans! Feels like half of the work is done already.

Weekly Summary #2


I enjoyed reading and researching Creative Commons and seeing just how it affected how I do my work. It makes me more deeply appreciate the public domain and that people want everyone to be able to share anything informative or educational.

The Scott LoDown podcasts are a neat way to reach out to students, both open participants and local students, and let them know what is going on in the class. It’s always helpful to have some tips and tricks and these are especially cool because they are available whenever we want to reference them. I enjoy listening to them every week.

I also really enjoyed delving in and learning in depth about design. It helps to read these things, especially since I myself am not very artistic. It really helped me to view my work with a different eye and try to incorporate these elements into my design assignments.

Daily Creates




TDC 507

I have to admit that I was so overwhelmed this week I didn’t keep up so well with the Daily Creates. One isn’t listed just because it’s written, but otherwise I think I may have forgotten to post these to twitter….It’s been a rough week, I’m glad it’s over and starting tomorrow I’m doing these every day!

Design Assignments

readingposter copy

Link to Original Assignment


3 Stars

tornado4 tornado3 tornado2

Link to Original Assignment

4.5 Stars

venndiagram copy

Link to Original Assignment

4.5 Stars


Link to Original Assignment


4.5 Stars

16.5 Stars

12 Twilight Zone Stars

Audio Assignments

Link to Original Assignment


4.5 Stars

Link to Original Assignment


4.5 Stars

Link to Original Assignment


3.5 Stars

Link to Original Assignment

4 stars

16.5 Stars

9 Twilight Zone Stars










































Weekly Reflection

This week was far more challenging for me than the last. I sputtered in the beginning with Audio Assignments and then spent the rest of the week obsessing on them a bit too much. I didn’t pay attention to the finer detail over all, I was just so overwhelmed with figuring out the program. Now that I’ve spent the last 7 days with Audacity, I feel like I’m much more competent than at the start. It’s gotten to the point where I’m starting to enjoy mixing things where are before I couldn’t even drag my selections into the program. I’m looking forward to next week and the challenge of online groups. I’m sure it will be prove to be much different than something I am normally used to. Really excited to make a Radio Show! It’s been a good week guys!


Scott LoDown Reactions

Scott LoDown 005: This podcast talked a bit about participation and the comments that have been flying around the blog. It was discussed that your site should not be generic, because that is your only way of being known in the class. I agree with this, but it’s also been difficult to do this when I know so little about the web. Talky Tina was also discussed.

Scott LoDown 006:Lots of interesting background music, lots of Talky Tina. Talks about communication/using your peers feedback. I think this episode was more of a discussion of random thoughts than anything else. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just wanna talk about stuff.

Scott LoDown 007: In this episode, the open online participants were discussed. I agree that I personally haven’t payed much attention to them yet, but I should! I think it says a lot when you want to be creative just because, and not only for a grade. So I agree they deserve some props.

Scott LoDown 008: In this episode the audio assignments were discussed thoroughly. This was helpful, especially since it came at a time of the week when I was really struggling with the audio assignments. This is one of the reasons why I think the pod casts are such a neat and interactive way to learn.

Scott LoDown 009: This began with a continuation of the audio assignments. Finally figured out what the deal with Doc Oblivion was. Talks about how these assignments and the skills we are learning in this class will be effective for a very long time, and I agree with that. I originally took this class so I could better understand how to manipulate media and I feel like I’ve already gotten better with it.

Scott LoDown 010: Listened to an old podcast to start out with. Mentions “The Devil and Mr. O”. Discussed the open online participants again. Apparently someone madeĀ  cool parody post? I should look it up. Sounds funny.

Scott LoDown 011: Began with talking about Jim’s talk in New Hampshire, and his discussion on ds106. Also discusses a recording app in length.


An Observation of Humans by Captain Antigonus

I am writing to my superiors with great concern for our Supreme Leader and the lives of everyone in our Great Colony, The Ultra-Awesome Conservators of the Underground.

Keeping with the wishes of my people, I, Antigonus III, traveled far above ground on a mission. This was a mission of surveillance, to gain knowledge of the strange giants who have recently inhabited the outlying jungles just beyond our country’s borders.

The creatures are of such strangeness and immensity as to be inconceivable to the common senses of ant-kind, and my people scarcely believe they are the threat I know them to be.

After traveling for many turns of the twin dics, I found myself emerged from the green expanses around me and came upon a massive structure, the likes of which never seen by our people, but written in our lore. This was no doubt the colony of our foes.



I first came upon a field of rock, so tall and all encompassing that I had to climb a treachourous cliff before I could see my end goal- a large reflective vortex. Their architecture makes our entire civilization look like nothing more than a mound of dirt.

What I came to see next was a long and difficult journey through this large unnavigatable environ, so unfamiliar and dangerous to me that I almost lost my way…and my hope. Once I was able to enter their domain, I was almost immediately claimed by the sick, gray grass that covers the ground of their colony. I soon found myself unable to dig underneath it. It caught my legs and drained me of my engery as I struggled to make it above ground level. In the distance, I could see smaller structures set throughout their territoty. I knew to survive I had to make it to the closest one possible.


Eventually I came upon a cliff of enormous size, I climbed and trekked over the the grains and ledges of this steep structure and fought to hold on. Once I finally made it over the final plauteau I saw that the surface was very smooth but covered in unusual tools that were varied and specifically placed. These tools themselves were massive and prevent a great danger to us-many of them could easily be thrown by the giants in our general direction, and none of them could we outrun. Frightened, I knew I must continue my mission and seek more information elsewhere.

From the great brown structure I was able to travel henceforce from the walls. I traveled a great distance along the sparse yellow lands before following my scent to the largest colony room I have ever seen. Surely it was meant for their queen. There are great structures everywhere- and many many more tools. After what seemed like hours, I was able to climb onto a large mountain that my scent had led me to. Oh joy! After my ever exhausting journey I had finally found a food source. I eagerly rushed myself over, foolishly, as I narrowly avoided a large red puddle of liquid that surely would have trapped me. As I was beginning to enjoy my well earned meal…I saw it…I saw what would change not only my life, but the lives of us all forever.

They were everywhere, scattered about like fleas. Laying lifeless in puddles of foam…hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Our people. Massacered at the hands of the giants. After facing the fight of my life, I broke down and could not move. I had to mourn for them. As I walked by, I realized I knew some of them. Some were from our colony, many were workers that had been missing for weeks. In that instance I snapped back to reality. I knew what had to be done. I had to return and rescue my people. That was when I encountered the giant.

I stood still at first, hoping he would think me one of the fallen, but as his prepared his meal he spotted me. He picked up a strange reflective cylinder and stared at me coldly through it, the damn monster. I knew I could not outrun the fearsome creature, but I at least had to try. As he turned for something, presumably a device with which to kill me, I quickly hid myself amongst his waste. For what seemed like hours, he hunted me while I ran in the safety of the shadows. Somehow, someway, I escaped.

The next few disc cycles were a blur. I can’t even remember escaping the confines of that evil place, just the rush of fresh air and relief when I was again reached the jungle, which was previously seen to me as a treachourous place. Finally, I returned home to the colony. And today, I stand here before you, the Most Honorable Senate of the Ant People and I beg that we waste no time. They draw ever near with their structures. We must relocate and start a new somewhere else. Perhaps a place where we recognize no ant or tree.

Attempt at Photo Restoration

So, while I was waiting for this week’s syllabus, I decided to delve into Photoshop again. I really wanted to try my hand at restoration because I always see such cool examples on Reddit. I found an absolutely gorgeous old picture of one of my best friend’s grandparents (they look like an Old Hollywood “it” couple) that was a little grainy. I thought I might try to add some color as well. And while it didn’t turn out too well, I felt there was no harm in sharing it and perhaps getting some advice from my peers.

So here is the original


And here is a copy with a little of my work:

Photo: Epic fail but I tried to clean/colorize this for you. It's mah first one, so it's not so good.

I feel like the lines are running and it looks a little cartoonish. I also can’t get any significant amount of color to show in the water or grassy area. Any ideas?

Reflections on the Required Materials.

I’m doing these all together just because I’m doing them all at once and don’t want to spam my blog with posts.


I was initially concerned about the radio aspect of the class, as I wasn’t sure how it could be pulled off. After listening to scottlo’s podcast, my excitement certainly amped up. I really feel like it’s a positive thing to incorporate all these different facets of internet life, because they are increasingly becoming a normative part of everyone’s life.

On that note, I was intrigued by Gardner Campbell’s idea to integrate blogs and the internet (although the latter has already been done to a large degree) into early education, especially since the children in school now will be raised and eventually live on their own in a world where social media is beginning to outweigh social interaction. I think that it’s definitely important that they learn to use the knowledge and technology that they are equipped with responsibly, and also how to respect themselves online, as ones social persona can very easily affect them IRL. It was also very interesting to here him talk about how cyber infrastructure has influenced the technology in schools movement and allowed it to flourish.

I felt that Wesch’s ideas were along the same lines. He seems to understand that every person is different, even right down to their learning technique. I liked what he said about school being a competition- children compete with each other for 13 years, and many of the challenges are tailored for a specific kind of learning style. The internet has the ability to touch so many lives and teach people in so many different ways. It’s already started a learning initiative of its own- more and more people are reading and learning things online, things that actually interest them in the spare time. It would be awesome if this could somehow be integrated into the learning community. I feel like it would make it easier for everyone to learn how they feel is appropriate for them. What’s more empowering than taking initiative and learning what you want during your education. Better yet, the web allows for our learning experience to last as long as we want it to- it doesn’t have to end at graduation.