An Observation of Humans by Captain Antigonus

I am writing to my superiors with great concern for our Supreme Leader and the lives of everyone in our Great Colony, The Ultra-Awesome Conservators of the Underground.

Keeping with the wishes of my people, I, Antigonus III, traveled far above ground on a mission. This was a mission of surveillance, to gain knowledge of the strange giants who have recently inhabited the outlying jungles just beyond our country’s borders.

The creatures are of such strangeness and immensity as to be inconceivable to the common senses of ant-kind, and my people scarcely believe they are the threat I know them to be.

After traveling for many turns of the twin dics, I found myself emerged from the green expanses around me and came upon a massive structure, the likes of which never seen by our people, but written in our lore. This was no doubt the colony of our foes.

I first came upon a field of rock, so tall and all encompassing that I had to climb a treachourous cliff before I could see my end goal- a large reflective vortex. Their architecture makes our entire civilization look like nothing more than a mound of dirt.

What I came to see next was a long and difficult journey through this large unnavigatable environ, so unfamiliar and dangerous to me that I almost lost my way…and my hope. Once I was able to enter their domain, I was almost immediately claimed by the sick, gray grass that covers the ground of their colony. I soon found myself unable to dig underneath it. It caught my legs and drained me of my engery as I struggled to make it above ground level. In the distance, I could see smaller structures set throughout their territoty. I knew to survive I had to make it to the closest one possible.


Eventually I came upon a cliff of enormous size, I climbed and trekked over the the grains and ledges of this steep structure and fought to hold on. Once I finally made it over the final plauteau I saw that the surface was very smooth but covered in unusual tools that were varied and specifically placed. These tools themselves were massive and prevent a great danger to us-many of them could easily be thrown by the giants in our general direction, and none of them could we outrun. Frightened, I knew I must continue my mission and seek more information elsewhere.

From the great brown structure I was able to travel henceforce from the walls. I traveled a great distance along the sparse yellow lands before following my scent to the largest colony room I have ever seen. Surely it was meant for their queen. There are great structures everywhere- and many many more tools. After what seemed like hours, I was able to climb onto a large mountain that my scent had led me to. Oh joy! After my ever exhausting journey I had finally found a food source. I eagerly rushed myself over, foolishly, as I narrowly avoided a large red puddle of liquid that surely would have trapped me. As I was beginning to enjoy my well earned meal…I saw it…I saw what would change not only my life, but the lives of us all forever.

They were everywhere, scattered about like fleas. Laying lifeless in puddles of foam…hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Our people. Massacered at the hands of the giants. After facing the fight of my life, I broke down and could not move. I had to mourn for them. As I walked by, I realized I knew some of them. Some were from our colony, many were workers that had been missing for weeks. In that instance I snapped back to reality. I knew what had to be done. I had to return and rescue my people. That was when I encountered the giant.

I stood still at first, hoping he would think me one of the fallen, but as his prepared his meal he spotted me. He picked up a strange reflective cylinder and stared at me coldly through it, the damn monster. I knew I could not outrun the fearsome creature, but I at least had to try. As he turned for something, presumably a device with which to kill me, I quickly hid myself amongst his waste. For what seemed like hours, he hunted me while I ran in the safety of the shadows. Somehow, someway, I escaped.

The next few disc cycles were a blur. I can’t even remember escaping the confines of that evil place, just the rush of fresh air and relief when I was again reached the jungle, which was previously seen to me as a treachourous place. Finally, I returned home to the colony. And today, I stand here before you, the Most Honorable Senate of the Ant People and I beg that we waste no time. They draw ever near with their structures. We must relocate and start a new somewhere else. Perhaps a place where we recognize no ant or tree.