Weekly Summary 1/2

Look, Listen, Analyze


Exploring the Episodes Even More




Genres of Youtube




Daily Creates


I’ve learned quite a bit about the technique of film and video so far this week. At times, it was a bit complicated, and I felt like I was back in English Class, but I’m glad I stuck with t because I’ve already learned a lot. Finally figured out how to paste two clips together in MPEG streamline, as well as how to embed a Youtube video on my blog. Well, sort of. Having some technical difficulties with that. I feel as if I’m ready to delve into the video assignments head first. And I have to, otherwise I can’t see my Dad on Sunday. But I’m sure everyone’s in the same boat.

Planned Video Assignments

One assignment that really caught my eye was The Vintage Educational Video. I think these things always have a lot of potential and I love their corny voices. I’m going to use the current controversy of Genetically Modified Wheat as my topic. I have a few materials, many of them are just ideas that I hope to accomplish in Photoshop with the use of layers. But I’m definitely going to use this clip:


And a couple parts of this one, along with a couple other PSA’s from times long gone.


I’m going to be using Mpeg for both of my video assignments, but like I said above, I may try to render some images and try to throw them into the video.

For my second assignment, I want to do Return to the Silent Era

The trailer I’m going to use is from Hercules (1997) it a little older at this point, but I think it would be an easy one to turn into black and white rag time drama. It’s a little silly, but I’ll probably change the sound effects completely and put a song over it.

This is the trailer I plan to use:


I feel better just making this post and writing out my plans! Feels like half of the work is done already.