Ever notice how every baby goes through a stage where they look like Winston Churchill? Or maybe Winston Churchill just looked like a mean, fat, baby.


winstonThis is my great-nephew. Super cool dude. He is passing through this stage with grace.

Graphic Gift, featuring our lady friend from the Invaders.

Instead of staring at a horrifying extra terrestrial in total fear and anguish, our friend is now gazing upon at the new technology of refrigeration with amazement. graphicgift

“This is just the Bee’s Knee’s, Mrs. Jones! Why, is that an icebox in there?”

“And how, Susie! Also, PENICILLIN.”

This was really easy to make after I erased the background footage and added a layer mask in gimp.

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Invaders Pixel Art

I wanted to attempt some pixel art and replicate my angry robot alien friend. It took a while to make in Photoshop. I had to zoom in as far as I could, then I colored the pixels one by one. I took a screenshot after all my work was done and was able to crop the photo so it could be huge!

Here is the picture I used as inspiration



And here is my pixel art




He has silly looking arms, but over all I’m pleased with the results.

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Break it down, little man.

For the twilight zone assignment, I decided to make an animated gif of the tiny evil alien robot. After watching “The Invaders”¬† I was pretty set on bringing that creepy little guy to life on my blog.

I implemented the same method that I used for my Petty gif, (that I learned from this awesome tutorial) and it’s really amazingly simple. GIMP is an awesome, awesome tool and in some ways, I like it better than Photoshop.


I’m a terrible Game Master….

For this assignment, I decided to multiply myself. After a few different set ups, I was only able to accomplish two of me. I’d like to try another one later because I think this is a really fun idea and has a lot of cool potential.

I tried to mimic the board game environment, but it’s usually a lot more people and a lot more confusion.




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These are a few of my favorite things….

For this assignment, I took a picture of my desk to highlight a few of my “favorite things”. By using Photoshop I was able to highlight the colors of these items in a Black and White photo by using a tool called ‘history brush’.desk

In case no one noticed, I have a slight fascination with owls. My last name, Saffos, translates to “wise man” in Greek, so once I got a tattoo of an owl to symbolize this, it became the go-to gift of all relatives and friends. Two of about twenty owls are pictured, and I love them all equally. Another¬† nod to the family culture can be found in the lower right hand corner… the Greeks are very fond of espresso and I keep and use this cup in remembrance of my grandparents who owned the set before me.

The highlighted books are pretty self-explanatory; both Poe and Tolkien are two of my favorite authors (Douglas Adams was featured until I carelessly lost my set of the Hitchhiker’s Guide). Other than that, my favorite things are pretty mundane. A Minnie Mouse figurine is placed next to a picture of a relative who referred to me as “Minnie”, my favorite and longest lived candle, a Buddha figurine my father gifted to me, and an invite to my cousin’s wedding (weddings are a pretty big deal in my family).

Hope you guys enjoy!

The Original DS106 Project Page


Assignment #1: From Ashe to Zyra

For my first visual assignment, I decided on the A-Z collage. My topic was League of Legends.

In case anyone has never heard of it, League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and these days it is hugely popular, not only because it is FREE, but also because of its wide and ever expanding roster of characters, otherwise known as “champions”.

Each of the Champions have their own detailed art and lore, and there are currently over 100. Of course, I could only list 26 here, from A-Z, but you can get a pretty good idea of the extensive amount of work that goes into creating each character.


AZ collage3smudge


The original DS106 Project page

League of Legends Homepage

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