Supercut Frasier

I was having a really difficult time thinking of a phrase or theme to super cut in one of my favorite shows, which is hilarious because as soon as I decided on this one it was relatively simple to find examples of Frasier screaming at his brother, Niles. This was by far one of the most entertaining assignments to do, because it involved watching Frasier, which I do on a regular basis anyway.

At this point in the semester, I had myself worked into a routine for each specific assignment. I always first find my clips, and then download them to my computer. From there, I edit segments in MPEG Streamclip because I find it really simple to do with this program. After this I would put everything together in VideoPad. I usually like to put in final edits, like music or transitions, using YouTube editor. That’s how I did this.

A lot of the good video editing softwares that were recommended weren’t compatible with my XP so that’s why I ended up using VideoPad, which was relatively difficult to get the hang of. Lesson learned though, and as soon as this class is over, I’m formatting my computer so I can get all the cool stuff.

Here is the clip:

5 stars

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