Weekly Summary 4

For the second half of the week, we were to complete 15 stars worth of video assigments. I feel like I say this every week, but I had the most trouble with this one! The best thing I learned out of all of it was definitely the YouTube Editor. So simple and easy to use!

Here are my assignments from the week:




Each being 5 =15

Daily Creates


The Daily Create not listed here was a writing assignment. The other Daily Create I attempted took me way too long and I ended being too late to post it. I’m still going to finish it and post it here, because it was more pixel art and I worked my friggin butt off!

This was a really learning intensive week, and because of that, I forgot to do things like keep track of my comments I left. All I can really say in the end is that I worked my fanny off to get these assignments done, and I’m actually pretty proud of my work. Sad and excited for the last week of DS106, can’t wait to see what I learn!