Discovering Genres

I really enjoyed reading over the genres listed in the google doc, mostly because of how unique they are. Usually, when reading about film, one would see a slew of common and familiar genre titles. These, I feel, are aimed more at the audience of the internet, or Youtube, rather than that of a cinema. These are genres created by the people who watch and enjoy them every day, and many of them make them as well. Since the phenomenon of Youtube began, anyone can be a film maker and define their own drama. I really enjoyed that so many people were able to find a niche for the video they wanted to use. I like that there are so many options these day.

For my example, I chose a comedy video that I recently saw on reddit. I chose to put it under the comedy genre, but also created a new one “Family Humor”. I feel as if social media these days is filled with young parents sharing pictures and videos of their kids, in return, you get ridiculous videos like this one where the family structure/child is mocked. I labeled it Family Humor not only because of that, but also because I feel like it relates to a certain group of people in a way that I can’t understand, because I don’t have a kid; they are gross and stuff. Here is the first of three videos: