Weekly Summary #3

Radio Show Reflection:

This week was by far the busiest of them all. It was difficult to divide tasks between group members and pick a clear direction. I think our strong points definitely came whenever to discuss our ideas. It was hard to write something after I hadn’t for so long, so I’m afraid that part may have not come out to well. I did learn the process it takes to record something like a radio show. It’s very much easier when you work in a group where a few people have different ideas. It’s so much easier to build off of stories and plot lines when there are others contributing. Another upside to working with other people is that as a group you gain many more skills. Different people can always contribute different things to a project. On the home front, I had a lot of fun recording my commercials with my friends. A good friend of mine spent the weekend helping me record with a sock covered telephone that he had jerry-rigged to a guitar cord into an amp. Or something like that. There were a lot of wires. It was interesting to see the difference between Audacity and the recording system used on Macs, which I recorded them on. I mixed them all in Audacity after wards and added all the sound effects I wanted to. My favorite commercial was this one, that my boyfriend lent his voice to:

And this is our final product:

Audio Assignments:

This week, I took up the opportunity to further edit some of my recordings from last week.

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4.5 stars

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3.5 Stars

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4 stars

Daily Creates:




In the hot city


There is no one to love you


Only the Sun can.





There were more, but I forgot to save them in a document.