Scott LoDown Reactions

Scott LoDown 005: This podcast talked a bit about participation and the comments that have been flying around the blog. It was discussed that your site should not be generic, because that is your only way of being known in the class. I agree with this, but it’s also been difficult to do this when I know so little about the web. Talky Tina was also discussed.

Scott LoDown 006:Lots of interesting background music, lots of Talky Tina. Talks about communication/using your peers feedback. I think this episode was more of a discussion of random thoughts than anything else. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just wanna talk about stuff.

Scott LoDown 007: In this episode, the open online participants were discussed. I agree that I personally haven’t payed much attention to them yet, but I should! I think it says a lot when you want to be creative just because, and not only for a grade. So I agree they deserve some props.

Scott LoDown 008: In this episode the audio assignments were discussed thoroughly. This was helpful, especially since it came at a time of the week when I was really struggling with the audio assignments. This is one of the reasons why I think the pod casts are such a neat and interactive way to learn.

Scott LoDown 009: This began with a continuation of the audio assignments. Finally figured out what the deal with Doc Oblivion was. Talks about how these assignments and the skills we are learning in this class will be effective for a very long time, and I agree with that. I originally took this class so I could better understand how to manipulate media and I feel like I’ve already gotten better with it.

Scott LoDown 010: Listened to an old podcast to start out with. Mentions “The Devil and Mr. O”. Discussed the open online participants again. Apparently someone madeĀ  cool parody post? I should look it up. Sounds funny.

Scott LoDown 011: Began with talking about Jim’s talk in New Hampshire, and his discussion on ds106. Also discusses a recording app in length.