“Night Cheese” Mash-Up

For those of you that haven’t watched 30 Rock, there is a particular clip that I always found to be really funny….and then I threw it in with Bob Seger. This was the easiest audio assignment I’ve done yet, as I had to reuse mostly the same 5 seconds and put it in the correct order over and over again. It was pretty time consuming to go in and find every instance I wanted to replace, but eventually I did it! So here is my Bob Seger/ Tina Fey Music Mash-Up.

I hope you guys like it!

EDIT: OK, so I’m not so proud of this, but I think it taught me a little more of creative commons. I had to put a minute of silence upfront so SoundCloud would stop deleting the song :(  I also had to name the file “Cheese”.

Link to Original Assignment

3.5 Stars