Twilight Zone Dialogue Mash-Up

This is my dialogue mash-up of “Time Enough at Last” and a clip from “The Venture Brothers”.

Using MPEG Streamline and Audacity, I was able to cut bits and pieces of the dialogues apart and paste them together in ways that might be humorous.

I’m still finding it difficult to chop bits up using Audacity, but a friend of mine showed me how to utilize a couple of options, most importantly “Find Zero Crossings”. From what I understand, it helps you to cut out exactly at the end of your dialogue, rather than carrying on with insignificant “blips”. So, I tried to use that to the best of my ability, and while it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done, it wasn’t all that bad. I feel like I’m learning to DJ or something.

Here is the clip from “Time Enough at Last” and here is the clip from “The Venture Brothers”

Link to Original Assignment

4.5 Stars