The Sounds of A City


This is most definitely the hardest assignment I’ve done yet. I guess I’m just not a very good “mixer” but I’ve seriously started working on this last night. I used Audacity, and had a lot of trouble finding a tutorial that I could sit through, so even I just gave up and dived in.

I wanted to replicate the sound scape of a city, and all of it’s crazy undertones. After I was able to find all the sounds I need using Sound Bible, I was well on my way to making a sound scape- or so I thought. As I kept working on it, it either sounded too quiet or too ear splittingly loud. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find any street music, so that’s why you hear a street chanting of Hare Krishna is the beginning. Cities are all about diversity…right? Anyway, I hope it reminds you guys of the city, whether it’s a good thing or not.

Link to Original Assignment

4.5 Stars