Weekly Summary

Required Readings

This week, we were required to read and watch several items involving cyber infrastructure and web-based learning. I enjoyed reading and pondering upon the ideas of Wesch and Campbell, and I see the merit of what they are saying. The web and social media have opened up a flood gate of information that is available to practically anyone on the planet. It’s a very powerful tool that is not utilized as often as it should be, especially in our schools. On top of that, I enjoyed listening to scottlo’s podcast and hearing all the ways that I personally will learn how to better use the internet to further my own education. I actually really enjoyed the readings and videos, and found them all to be very informative.

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Daily Creates

dailycreate5 dailycreate1 dailycreate2 dailycreate3 dailycreate4

I love the daily creates, because they leave you with no chance for excuses and give you such freedom. You can literally take it any way you want, and there’s really no way you can go wrong as long as you try to be just a little creative.

Visual and Design Assignments

AZ collage3smudge

The original DS106 Project page 3.5 stars


2.5 stars The Original DS106 Project Page



5 stars Link to Original Assignment Page


2 stars Link to Original Assignment


3.5 stars Link to Original Assignment

Animated Gifs


4.5 stars http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/from-the-twilight-zone-and-beyond/

Design Assignments

snakes copy

2 stars Original Assignment


3.5 stars Original Project Page


1.5 stars Original Project Page

Overall Stars:

Visual Assignments + Animated Gif = 21 stars

Design Assignments + Animated Gif = 11.5

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Admittedly, I haven’t done much in the way of themes yet, I want it to be just so and don’t want to mess it up. But I did edit my About Me page, as well as add a photo gallery to show my Daily Creates and other silly pictures. To do this, I downloaded the Slickr Flickr plugin, as long as a twitter integration plug in that displays my tweets on every page. The biggest one so far has been jet pack, it’s enabled me to look at my site views and list certain comment preferences.


I unfortunately can’t figure out how to link to my comments, but I can link to the blogs which I commented on, listed below








Thoughts So Far

So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this class. It’s already taught me so much and I’m getting a kick out of doing all of the assignments. My biggest fear has been Photoshop, it’s such a comprehensive program and I worry that I’m not using it to it’s full extent. As far as questions go, I still need help with some aspects of blogging. Linking and themes have so far been my weak point. But I am really looking forward to working out all of those kinks and immersing myself in this class for the next 4 weeks. I’m especially excited about the radio portion of the class, as I think that that’s something that could definitely be useful later on in life. Anyway, I’ve loved the ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!!!