Attempt at Photo Restoration

So, while I was waiting for this week’s syllabus, I decided to delve into Photoshop again. I really wanted to try my hand at restoration because I always see such cool examples on Reddit. I found an absolutely gorgeous old picture of one of my best friend’s grandparents (they look like an Old Hollywood “it” couple) that was a little grainy. I thought I might try to add some color as well. And while it didn’t turn out too well, I felt there was no harm in sharing it and perhaps getting some advice from my peers.

So here is the original


And here is a copy with a little of my work:

Photo: Epic fail but I tried to clean/colorize this for you. It's mah first one, so it's not so good.

I feel like the lines are running and it looks a little cartoonish. I also can’t get any significant amount of color to show in the water or grassy area. Any ideas?