These are a few of my favorite things….

For this assignment, I took a picture of my desk to highlight a few of my “favorite things”. By using Photoshop I was able to highlight the colors of these items in a Black and White photo by using a tool called ‘history brush’.desk

In case no one noticed, I have a slight fascination with owls. My last name, Saffos, translates to “wise man” in Greek, so once I got a tattoo of an owl to symbolize this, it became the go-to gift of all relatives and friends. Two of about twenty owls are pictured, and I love them all equally. AnotherĀ  nod to the family culture can be found in the lower right hand corner… the Greeks are very fond of espresso and I keep and use this cup in remembrance of my grandparents who owned the set before me.

The highlighted books are pretty self-explanatory; both Poe and Tolkien are two of my favorite authors (Douglas Adams was featured until I carelessly lost my set of the Hitchhiker’s Guide). Other than that, my favorite things are pretty mundane. A Minnie Mouse figurine is placed next to a picture of a relative who referred to me as “Minnie”, my favorite and longest lived candle, a Buddha figurine my father gifted to me, and an invite to my cousin’s wedding (weddings are a pretty big deal in my family).

Hope you guys enjoy!

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